Hitachi R35 GTR VR38 Ignition Coils
Hitachi R35 GTR VR38 Ignition Coils

Hitachi Nissan R35 GTR VR38 Ignition Coils

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Genuine Hitachi R35  Ignition Coils for Nissan R35 GTR - (VR38)

Hitachi Europe Hueco Part # 9X01 2410N *

OEM Nissan Hanshin Part # 22448-JF00B

Hitachi North American Part # IGC0079

Hitachi ASEAN Part # HEX EXA 2410N

Hitachi Japan U18N02

We only sell Genuine Hitachi R35 GTR coils, we do not under any circumstances deal with non genuine coils or sell you 350z or 370z coils as R35 coils - all part numbers can be verified.

*NOTE: Where necessarily we will double box coils to reduce volumetric weight to minimise shipping costs.

Supplied as a QTY of 6 as part of R35 Coil conversion for Nissan RB20, RB25 and RB26.

Also available as individual coils.

*Warranty does not cover damage due to negligence through incorrectly setting dwell times or incorrectly wired harnesses.