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Bosch Motorsport Knock Sensor KS4-P
Bosch Motorsport Knock Sensor KS4-P
RB26 Fitted With Bosch Motorsport Knock Sensor KS4-P

Bosch Motorsport Knock Sensor KS4-P

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Bosch Motorsport Knock Sensor KS4-P

This sensor is used for detecting structural born vibrations in spark ignition engines due to uncontrolled combustion. This sensor is suitable for operation in extreme conditions.

Due to the inertia of the seismic mass, the sensor moves in correlation to the engine block vibration; this motion results in a compressive force which is converted into a voltage signal via a piezoceramic sensor element. As a result, upper and lower voltage thresholds can be defined directly correlating to an acceleration magnitude.

The main benefits of this sensor are its robust mechanical design, compact housing and precise determination of structure-related noise. The small packaging is accomplished by integrating the connector directly to the sensor.

*Select QTY2 for RB26 and RB30. 

*Includes plug and pins for RB26, Plug and Pins plus conversation stud/but for RB30

Technical Specification 

Male thread (for cast)


Male thread (for AI)


Installation torque

20±5 Nm

Weight w/o wire

48 g



Range of frequency

3 to 25 kHz

Sensitivity at 5 kHz

26 ± 8 mV/g

Max. sensitivity changing (lifetime)

-17 %

Linearity between 5 to 15 kHz (from 5 kHz value)

-10 to 10 %

Linearity between 15 to 20 kHz (linear increasing with freq)

20 to 50 %

Main resonance frequency

30 kHz


> 1 MOhm

Temperature dependence of sensitivity

0.04 mV/g°C

Capacity field

1,150 ± 200 pF