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Skyline R32 Headlight Relay Kit
Skyline R32 Headlight Relay Kit
Skyline R32 Headlight Relay Kit

Nissan Skyline R32 Headlight Relay Harness Kit

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The Nissan Skyline R32 is known to deliver poor voltage to the bulbs but also high current is delivered via the switch. Over time the switch contacts wear and results in arcing but also creates increased resistance thus burning the switch connector.

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By using a headlight relay kit you benefit from the following:

• Minimise voltage drop to the bulbs from 2-3v typically to 0.2-0.4v.

• Delivers maximum power to the bulbs resulting in a higher light output (Lumens)

• Allows both low beam and high beams to remain on simultaneously

• Prolongs the life of Xenon and HID bulbs.

• Prevents burn out of headlight switch and connector.

*Made to order - Taking pre orders for next batch of 10 kits due to be completed mid to late August 2021.