RB Billet Spline Drive Oil Pump Gears
RB Billet Spline Drive Oil Pump Gears

Nissan RB - RB26 High Flow N1 - Nismo Spline Drive Kit

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Supertec Racing Spline kits for Nissan RB, Toyoya UZ-FE and 2JZ engines.

A known weak point with RB engines causing stock flat drive engagement gears to crack or shatter, we undertook 18 months of extensive R&D during 2012-2013 to develop a robust and efficient solution for the Nissan’s RB series of engines. Several spline profiles were tested and analysed on mule engines with varying levels of engine performance from 400hp to 1200hp RB30’s and up to 12000rpm. 

From our testing and analysis data we have the most efficient and durable spline solution in the market today, as well as offering kits for almost all known RB oil pump from N1,Nismo, OEM to Jun, Greddy, Nitto, HKS, Tomei and our own N1 high flow conversion kit - We are a step ahead of our competitors - many of who have only start to offer iterations of a spline concept in the past 2 years. 

Spline drive engagement provides full 360 degree rotational support and prevents breaking of the inner gear as is so often found with the factory flat drive setup. Gear and collars are made of billet steel (41CR4) featuring wave tooth design for optimal flow. 

Today our kits are used extensively through out the world, we also manufacture 2JZ kits exclusively for Do-Luck Racing in Japan and we also supply to Tomei Japan as required for their customer Genesis builds. 

High Flow Spline Drive Gear Set for Nissan RB26 77mm N1 and Nismo oil pump. This kit features thicker inner and outer gears +2mm resulting in an increased surface area for greater flow - 47L@6000rpm to 53.5L@6000rpm - an increase of approx 13.8%.

4 piece setup consisting of inner and outer billet gears, splined collar and billet backing plate. Supplied with high tensile hex screws and head/block oil restrictor - 1.28mm

* Highly advisable to increase sump oil capacity by at least 2 litres minimum.

* Oil restrictor highly advised and we have different sizes in stock: Click Here

* Extended oil capacity sump is also recommended to prevent oil depletion inside of the standard sump. We have ready made 8.5litre kits available read to weld on to your existing sump. Click Here