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AP Racing Pro 5000 R CP9660
AP Racing Pro 5000 R CP9449
Nissan Skyline AP Racing Radi-CAL ll Brake Kit
Nissan Skyline AP Racing Pro 5000 R Brake Kit
Nissan Skyline AP Racing Pro 5000 R Brake Kit
Nissan Skyline AP Racing Pro 5000 R Brake Kit
Nissan Skyline AP Racing Pro 5000 R Brake Kit
AP Pro 5000 R Nissan Skyline
AP Pro 5000 R Nissan Skyline
Nissan Skyline AP Racing Pro 5000 R Brake Kit
Nissan Skyline AP Racing Pro 5000 R Brake Kit
Nissan Skyline AP Racing Pro 5000 R Brake Kit
Nissan Skyline AP Racing Pro 5000 R Brake Kit

Nissan Skyline AP Racing Pro 5000 R Brake Kit

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AP Racing Pro 5000 R complete Competition brake kit complete with 6 Pot front and 4 Pot rear calipers, 12 groove discs, AP Racing brake pads and a full fitting kit including bells, brackets and fasteners. 

Pro 5000 R is an entry level option of Radi-CAL™ brake calipers, designed as the next generation of our popular Pro 5000 branded ranges.

Pro 5000 R has been developed from our experience in all areas of motorsport, the forged designs feature the latest innovations from of our pioneering asymmetric design concept. Manufactured with the same ideology as Pro 5000+ this entry level motorsport range offers the same costing benefits but will not directly replace Pro 5000+. It should be noted that there are dimensional differences between + and R ranges and all installations require checking before specifying.

The Supertec Racing kit with Pro 5000 R is carefully selected based on our road and track testing experience to work with the Nissan Skyline GTR brake system using the BM57 17/16” (27mm Piston) brake master cylinder as used on the R33/34 GTR models. Approx 5kg weight savings at the front per corner and 2.6kg on each of the rear corners when compared to the AP Radi-CAL and R35 brake kits - A significant reduction of unsprung mass will enhance chassis performance.

Adapter brackets are made from billet 7075 T6 while the lightweight hats are made from 6082 T6 alloy. Not to be confused with cheap kits, Supertec Racing brake systems anrw carefully selected and are designed manufactured to the highest standards in the UK with FEA (Stress analysis and simulation) to ensure the highest strength and reliability.

One piece front and rear lightweight bells with reduced diameter for compatibility with Skyline e-brake diameter. 

As fitted to our customer Chris Johnson’s Time Attack R32 GTR. Top Gear USA Feature below.

Kit is compatible with R32, R33, R34 GTR models. Will also fit Nissan Silvia (S13/14/15) and 300ZX.

The kit comes supplied with the following items:

  • Front AP Pro 5000r 6 Pot calipers
  • Rear AP Pro 5000r 4 Pot calipers
  • Front AP Discs 378x36mm (8 grooves) 
  • Rear AP Discs 356x32mm (8 grooves)
  • Full set of AP Racing brake pads (APF404)
  • Front caliper to hub brackets
  • Rear caliper to hub brackets
  • Front lightweight bells
  • Rear lightweight bells
  • High tensile bolt kit
  • Full bobbin kit
  • Stainless steel braided brake lines

*R32 GTR and other models will require the BM57 brake master cylinder for optimal performance and brake feel and balance. 

*378mm front discs will fit limited 18” wheels such as Rays TE37SL and Nismo LMGT 4 or any other when which supports big brake kits. 

*Trimming of disc backing plates required.

*Manufactured to order. Please allow 3-4 weeks typically for the kit to be made.

*We use only Genuine AP Racing calipers with hologram of authenticity - there are cheaper kits on the market using non authentic calipers. 

All kits made to order. Please allow 6-10 weeks for completion. 

*The AP Pro 5000R kit is special pre only, with calipers and discs specially sourced for this order from AP Racing. Fitting kits are manufactured per order once the payment has been received and as such once the order has been placed and items purchased from AP Racing to form the kit we cannot give any refunds under any circumstances.

*Suitable for competition and off-road use only