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R35 Coil Conversion Kit - Nissan RB - Full

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Supertec Racing R35 coil adapter kit - rev.4 for Nissan Skyline and it’s engine models RB20, RB25 and RB26. An ideal upgrade to improve and modernise the RB series engine’s ignition setup. Modern coil packs such those found in Nissan’s VR38 engine (R35 GTR) provides a more powerful output in the region of 48-50KV (almost twice as much) compared to coil packs (22-24KV) from the late 80s and early 90s and those fitted to the RB from the factory. The benefit is a much-improved ignition performance and efficiency, ability run larger plug gaps and suitable for 2000hp+ applications.

Available as a full kit complete with custom stalk kit for fully sealed fitment protecting against moisture and debris and sits low so there is no need to trim the coil cover.


* Hitachi Europe R35 Coils

* Race Harness or Standard Harness - Choose Option: R32, R33, R34 GTR.

* Colour Options: Gunmetal Grey, Titanium Silver, Turquoise, Blue, Red.

* Also fits RB20, RB25 (Not Neo) Harness required expect on RB25 Series 2.

* HKS V-cam not tested.

***NOTE Please state, Colour and Model eg, R32, R33 or R34 GTR when placing order under notes field**

**CAUTION** R35 Racing Spec Coil Harness

Coil harness connectors are a snug fit with the coils. Prior to shipping they are all tested end to end to ensure quality and connectivity.

When fitting ensure your push fit from the connector by pressing the button tab on the connector. 

When removing the connector from the coils press the button tab and pull from the connector. Under no circumstances should you pull from the wire harness this may cause permanent damage to the coil harness.

Where a harness has been damaged due to negligence this will not be covered under our warranty.