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Setrab Oil Cooler 19 Row (330mm)

Setrab Oil Cooler 19 Row (330mm)

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Setrab Oil Cooler 330mm 19 row M22 female - part number 50-619-7612

All Setrab Oil coolers are supplied with M22 female threads. A male/male adaptor is required to mate to the normal oil union threads. Adaptors are available with BSP, JIC and Metric threads and 2 are required for each cooler.

All Setrab Oil Coolers are made in Sweden.

Technical info

Heigth: 147mm + fittings
Width: 330mm incl brackets
Core Width: 283mm incl. end plates
Width CC between connections: 242mm
Width CC between mounting holes: 310mm
Thickness: 51mm
Connections: M22x1,5 female thread
Material: 6061 Aluminum (T6061)
Weight: ~1,23kg
Oil capacity: ~0,38liter
Max working pressure: 10bar
Colour: Black