R35 VR35 Custom RB Coil Stalks
R35 VR35 Custom RB Coil Stalks

R35 VR38 Ignition Coil Custom Stalks (Nissan RB Engines)

Supertec Racing
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Supertec Racing R35 ignition coil custom stalks for our Revision 4-6 RB R35 VR38 coil conversion bracket kit. 

Fully sealed against debris and moisture. Stalks can also be used with any bracket kits (bracket post height must be matched to coil stalk length)

Low profile height making coils sit lower in the cylinder head allows for coil valley cover to be fitted with out any trimming and also HKS V-Cam compatible.

Kit includes:

  • 6x Custom coil stalks for Hitachi R35 coils and variants. 
  • 6x Custom coil springs made from stainless steel wire to suit shorter stalks.

Kits due in stock 2nd April 2022. You can pre order and shipping will be done after this date.